6 Ways Virtual Care Can Increase Your Veterinary Practice Revenue

Giving is better than receiving, but as veterinary medicine is a service industry, professionals often find themselves giving—well past their pain point—with little time or opportunity to help educate their teams or bolster their own businesses. Under these circumstances, initiatives to boost revenue and scale practice growth can feel like an enormous undertaking. Fortunately, small [...]

Preserving the Bond and Promoting Health—Veterinary Telehealth and VCPR Laws

Technological advances and COVID-19’s restrictions rapidly established telehealth as an extraordinary opportunity for enhanced veterinary care. However, many professionals are still learning how to use telehealth’s benefits safely and effectively. Although virtual veterinary services can enhance your practice, you and many of your colleagues likely have concerns about the veterinary-client-patient relationship (VCPR). Read virtual relief [...]

DVM6—Virtual Relief Services to Alleviate Your Frontline Challenges

As veterinary medicine’s literal and metaphorical frontline, client service representatives (CSRs) and administrative team members face unique challenges. Scheduling patient care that clients find convenient, while being conscientious of overwhelming staff shortages, limited resources, and time constraints, puts CSRs and administrative team members in a difficult position. Fortunately, our DVM6 concept team offers a solution—learn [...]

DVM6—The Support Veterinary Technicians Need to Continue the Work They Love

During the past few years, the veterinary technician workforce has taken a serious hit—as burnout and staff shortages have risen alongside the increasing veterinary care demand. While the veterinary technician’s role has always been challenging, the current overwhelming situation is creating inordinate stress and unrealistic expectations—forcing veterinary practices to look for new ways to relieve [...]

DVM6—We Have Your Team’s Back

As a practice manager, you juggle the veterinary care industry’s current issues—such as ensuring pets have accessible care, engaging with their owners, and preserving your team’s wellbeing. Unfortunately, being able to keep all the balls in the air at once drains your physical energy and emotional stability. Because of increased appointment demand and widespread staff [...]

DVM6—How Virtual Relief Services Can Ease Your Team’s Workload

The traditional veterinary care model is straining—some would say collapsing—under the weight of the past few years’ challenges. With an increased demand for veterinary care, overflowing appointment schedules, exhausted teams, and frustrated clients, our DVM6 concept team has witnessed a simultaneous rise in veterinary burnout, mental health issues, and an alarming number of talented professionals [...]

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