The traditional veterinary care model is straining—some would say collapsing—under the weight of the past few years’ challenges. With an increased demand for veterinary care, overflowing appointment schedules, exhausted teams, and frustrated clients, our DVM6 concept team has witnessed a simultaneous rise in veterinary burnout, mental health issues, and an alarming number of talented professionals leaving the field. 

DVM6—your virtual relief veterinary solution

DVM6 addresses veterinary professionals’ overwhelming burdens by providing virtual case management for your patients’ chronic conditions, follow-up care, rechecks, and time-intensive consultations such as nutrition, behavior, and quality of life. Acting as an extension of your team, we improve your clients’ access to veterinary care while delivering the same relationship-centered service they know and trust—ultimately improving your practice workflow, and freeing time for hands-on patient care.

DVM6 advantages—we have your back

Many professionals view veterinary medicine as a team sport—so in addition to having teammates on whom you rely, you need trusted professionals on the sidelines who also have your back, and that’s DVM6. With the benefits of a relief veterinarian and the flexibility of telemedicine, DVM6 provides the support you need to provide the care your patients deserve. Our services provide the following benefits:

  • Reduced scheduling stress Follow-up care and in-depth conversations are essential to high-quality veterinary medicine, trust building, and the veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR). High-needs appointments can easily consume 25% to 30% of your day, and when you add these hours to an already-busy shift, you risk shortchanging everyone—patients, clients, and colleagues—which can be costly and extensive. 

Our DVM6 team takes responsibility for your comprehensive consultation appointments, giving you more time to provide hands-on treatment and perform procedures. No longer bearing the stress of double and triple booking, your team members feel more confident, while virtually booked clients receive prompt, personalized care. 

  • Better patient health and outcomes — Time-restricted clinic appointments do not always allow for the in-depth communication and education that some clients—and their pets’ complicated adverse health conditions—require, leading to client frustration, disengagement, and poor compliance. DVM6 virtual appointments are ideal for lengthy conversations, because our team has the time to respond to clients’ many questions, explore options with them, and truly explain their pets’ health conditions while clients remain in the comfort of their own home. 

Practice integration management software (PIMS) allows our DVM6 team to familiarize ourselves with each patient’s history, and deliver personalized compassionate care while preserving and growing the client’s bond with their pet and your veterinary hospital. After the appointment is complete, our DVM6 team enters the completed Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan (SOAP) in your patient’s electronic medical record (EMR). Meanwhile, you can devote more time to the patients who need immediate attention in the hospital and the exam room.

  • Grow your revenueDVM6 lets you multiply your ability to provide care without sacrificing your practice values or quality. Scheduling virtual visits for your patients who need straightforward (e.g., postoperative rechecks, simple dermatology concerns, medication refills) and complex (e.g., chronic condition management, follow-up care, counseling) care allows you to manage more cases per day, devoting more time to skilled care and revenue generators including initial consultations, diagnostic workups, procedures, and preventive care.
  • Scale your practice With a more balanced schedule, you can finally stop existing in survival mode, and look ahead to practice growth and development. When DVM6 has your back, you have the energy to set new production and revenue goals, expand your reach, and elevate hands-on patient care and client services.
  • Improve team morale and job satisfaction — Reducing the need for double and triple bookings means you, your colleagues, and your team members have a better work-life balance. Rather than scrambling from one appointment to the next, all your team members can focus on providing high-quality patient care and customer service.
  • Find more time in your day — When your veterinary hospital books DVM6 as their relief veterinarian, you will discover precious pockets of time to catch up on client communication, interact or check in with colleagues, and practice all-important self-care.
  • Build and strengthen client trust and relationships Client relationships are the cornerstone of successful veterinary care, but developing and maintaining these connections require time and consistent performance. Enhanced accessibility, scheduling options, and communication helps clients feel valued and respected, encouraging them to be proactive about their pet’s health. No matter the communication medium your clients select (e.g., phone, text, or video chat), DVM6 takes the time to listen and understand their needs and those of their pets, and provides them with personalized guidance and education. 

DVM6 services operate under the umbrella of your practice and VCPR—ensuring a consistent client experience, fostering trust, and aligning with your values. Our virtual relief services support your work and expand your reach, forging the bond between your clients and your practice.

  • Leave on time A more focused and streamlined appointment schedule means you and your team have fewer late nights and last-minute bookings. Flexible scheduling with DVM6 allows your busy clients to schedule a virtual appointment time that works for them—including after hours. During our DVM6 team’s virtual visits with your clients, we offer ample time to provide in-depth responses to their questions, minimizing phone tag and after-hours phone calls and emails.

Veterinary medicine is not returning to the prepandemic business as usual—and this revised care model is beneficial to everyone—patients, clients, and veterinary professionals. Leveraging DVM6’s technology and support allows you to reimagine and reorganize your day-to-day workflow while fostering strong client relationships, improving compliance, protecting your team, and multiplying your ability to provide care.

Are you ready to revitalize your veterinary hospital’s appointment protocols? Visit our website to explore the DVM6 model, review our scheduling solutions, and request DVM6 relief.