During the past few years, the veterinary technician workforce has taken a serious hit—as burnout and staff shortages have risen alongside the increasing veterinary care demand. While the veterinary technician’s role has always been challenging, the current overwhelming situation is creating inordinate stress and unrealistic expectations—forcing veterinary practices to look for new ways to relieve the growing burden. Fortunately, our DVM6 concept team offers a solution—learn how our virtual relief services can support veterinary technicians and the entire veterinary hospital staff.

DVM6—your virtual relief veterinarian solution

DVM6—virtual relief veterinary service—supports veterinary practices by taking on time-intensive cases that do not require in-person appointments such as follow-up care, chronic case management, rechecks, medication refills, and in-depth discussions regarding patients’ quality of life, hospice, nutrition, and behavior.

DVM6—the support veterinary technicians need

DVM6 acts as an extension of your team by streamlining appointment scheduling, decreasing client wait times, and providing unhurried, in-depth professional guidance and support for high-needs patients. In doing so, DVM6 increases your efficiency as a veterinary technician, and allows you to focus on what you do best—providing skilled hands-on care to pets in need. Our DVM6 team’s services are beneficial to veterinary technicians in the following ways:

  • Streamlined scheduling  — Double and triple booking has become standard at many veterinary practices—leading to late nights, abbreviated appointment times and client conversations, and potentially less-than-comprehensive patient care. Partnering with DVM6 allows veterinary practices to move time-consuming, conversation-heavy appointments to virtual space—opening up exam rooms, cages, and treatment areas for the pets who need urgent hands-on care.
  • Veterinarians stay on task — Your daily efficiency relies heavily on the veterinarian’s ability to stay on track. By following the streamlined schedule our DVM6 team can offer, appointment flow does not become bogged down with discussion-based consultations, or punctuated by quick in-and-out recheck and medication refill visits—allowing you and the veterinarian to stay on schedule while delivering high-quality patient care. 
  • Satisfied clients — Client frustration and complaints contribute greatly to veterinary technician burnout and stress. DVM6 helps practices increase client satisfaction and loyalty by creating a more consistent and rewarding veterinary care experiences such as:
    • Access to care — Appointment availability helps clients feel recognized and respected, reinforcing proactive pet care. DVM6 increases virtual and in-person appointment options.
    • Flexibility — Clients can schedule their DVM6 appointment at a time that works for them—including after hours—and choose their preferred communication method (e.g.,  phone, text, or video chat).  
    • One-on-one attention — Virtual appointments create a comfortable and unhurried environment for clients to ask questions, weigh their options, deliberate, and discuss sensitive topics such as end-of-life care. Meanwhile, veterinary hospital appointment times are not constrained because of double and triple booking.   
    • Better outcomes — Well-informed and supported clients are more likely to comply with their pet’s treatment requirements, and to seek prompt veterinary care in the future, which leads to better pet health.

  • More time for hands-on care — When your practice partners with DVM6, you spend less time trapped in an exam room and more time performing the tasks for which you were trained—providing skilled nursing care. You will have the time necessary to observe your patients comprehensively, provide comfort and reassurance, and perform each task without feeling distracted by innumerable other responsibilities you would have otherwise needed to complete within the next five minutes. In addition, our DVM6 team members’ services allot you the necessary time to support a worried client, offer advice to a new colleague, grow your technical skills, improve patient outcomes, and—ideally—rediscover your passion for veterinary medicine.
  • Reduced job stress and burnout — You cannot effectively care for your patient if your physical and mental health are subpar. Unfortunately, in our always-connected world, you likely find disconnecting from work an impossibility. At the end of a harried shift, your mind may be reeling with unfinished tasks, self-doubt (i.e., worrying whether you set the fluid pump), and guilt for the things you were unable to accomplish. This emotional burden can negatively impact your mental and physical health, resulting in reduced job satisfaction, compassion fatigue, and burnout. With a less-frantic schedule and work pace, you can focus on each task at hand, feel more in control, and leave the hospital feeling fulfilled—knowing you gave your patients your best.
  • Better work-life balanceDVM6 helps your practice’s team members achieve a sustainable work-life balance. Our flexible scheduling options—including virtual after-hour and weekend appointments—prevent unnecessary overbooking and last-minute, end-of-day appointments.  As a result, your team can leave the hospital on time, and a reduction in overtime hours helps veterinary team members separate work from home life, helping you create a more restorative and sustainable balance that supports—rather than undermines—your physical and mental health, and career.

As a veterinary technician, your versatile skills and abilities make you invaluable, but under the traditional veterinary practice model, your team’s demands for your assets may leave you feeling overworked and overwhelmed. You need support. You need DVM6. Visit our website to learn more about how DVM6 is the relief veterinarian solution your practice needs to provide the care your patients deserve.