As veterinary medicine’s literal and metaphorical frontline, client service representatives (CSRs) and administrative team members face unique challenges. Scheduling patient care that clients find convenient, while being conscientious of overwhelming staff shortages, limited resources, and time constraints, puts CSRs and administrative team members in a difficult position. Fortunately, our DVM6 concept team offers a solution—learn how our virtual relief services can support CSRs, administrative team members, and the entire veterinary hospital staff.

DVM6—the solution for your veterinary appointment scheduling stress

DVM6 is changing how busy practices meet the needs of pets, clients, and the entire veterinary practice team. DVM6—a virtual relief veterinary service—provides case management for chronic conditions, follow-up care, and other patient services that do not require in-person visits such as rechecks, medication refills, and client education. With DVM6, these appointments move to virtual space, providing the personalized care and veterinary expertise your clients have come to expect. Meanwhile, your in-hospital appointments remain available for patients who have urgent or emergency veterinary needs, or who need hands-on care.

Move ahead—DVM6 has your back

As the primary coordinator for your hospital’s scheduling, your job requires looking ahead, anticipating, and planning. But with ongoing burnout and the rising demand for veterinary care, you may feel the only plan is day-to-day survival. DVM6 provides the support your veterinary practice needs to put an end to double and triple booking, helping you regain control of the hospital’s appointment book, contributing to long-term success. Our DVM6 team’s services are beneficial to veterinary CSRs and administrator in the following ways:

  • DVM6 is simple to integrate and incorporate — Adding DVM6 to your team is simpler than giving a traditional relief veterinarian the nickel tour of the hospital. After your practice books time with DVM6, client appointments are scheduled online. Once our team members receive a client’s appointment information form, we access and review the patient’s chart remotely through your practice integration management software (PIMS). After the appointment, we enter our findings directly in the SOAP in the patient’s electronic chart.
  • Increased appointment availability — In some first-opinion practices, chronic condition management appointments can consume 25% to 30% of a veterinarian’s day. Moving these important—but time-consuming—cases to a virtual context improves client access to veterinary care and decreases appointment-related frustration. Rather than informing clients that they must wait 2 to 4 weeks for their pet to see the veterinarian, you can offer convenient virtual options for appointments that do not require hands-on care, and schedule hospital appointments for patients who need same-day or next-day availability for time-sensitive situations (e.g., illness, injury, or puppy and kitten vaccine schedules). 
  • Flexible options to suit busy clients — In addition to video chat, DVM6 team members offer text or phone appointments to suit your clients’ preferences. Our services are available seven days per week—including evenings and weekends—to ensure your clients and their pets receive the time and attention they need at their convenience. Clients appreciate the privacy and ease of telemedicine appointments, which are especially advantageous for discussing sensitive matters (e.g., hospice care, quality-of-life assessment) and transportation-related concerns such as their pets’ size, mobility, or veterinary anxiety. 
  • Decreased lobby congestion and wait times — By diverting some appointments to virtual space, DVM6 helps you develop a streamlined hospital schedule that reduces client wait times, increases exam room efficiency, and multiplies your practice’s ability to provide care while maintaining high-quality standards and positive customer service.
  • Increased client satisfaction and loyalty — Flexible appointment availability and one-on-one attention help clients feel valued, improves compliance, and strengthens the client-practice bond. DVM6 protects and prioritizes that relationship by providing personalized care, an unhurried experience, and time dedicated to questions and concerns. Because our interactions with your clients take place under the umbrella of your practice and veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR), our service builds client loyalty to your practice. DVM6 handles your appointments that do not require hands-on care, the hospital schedule becomes less packed, and clients booking in-person appointments appreciate prompt scheduling and an organized, efficient, and thorough veterinary visit. Because veterinarians no longer must juggle several appointments at once, the veterinary team becomes more composed, focused, and mentally prepared to care for each pet.

Reduced call volume and emails — Chronic condition management often requires lengthy conversations, ongoing client education, and many questions and opinion seeking. When a client’s pet has a chronic condition, they call the hospital often, leave many messages, and send several emails, creating additional work for the administrative team. DVM6 provides a convenient opportunity for clients whose pets have chronic illnesses to communicate with a veterinary professional who understands the patient’s case, and receive the guidance and support they need. DVM6’s services free the veterinary team to care for the pet in front of them, and address their owner’s concerns.

  • More time to give and receive — When DVM6 is an extension of your veterinary team, you can spend the time you need with clients and their pets who come to your hospital. Spending an appropriate amount of time with them helps clients feel welcome and cared for, enhances your job satisfaction, decreases stress, provides enjoyment, and helps you rediscover the joy and pride you have for your work. Rather than seeing the day’s schedule as a series of hurdles to conquer, you see each pet and owner interaction as an opportunity to make a positive impact and forge a personal connection.

As a veterinary CSR or administrative team member, you are dedicated to scheduling timely and compassionate care for pets and their owners—but the traditional veterinary practice model is  holding you back. Let DVM6 help solve your practice’s scheduling chaos—visit our website to explore our model, view our customized solutions, and request additional information on behalf of your veterinary practice ownership.