As a practice manager, you juggle the veterinary care industry’s current issues—such as ensuring pets have accessible care, engaging with their owners, and preserving your team’s wellbeing. Unfortunately, being able to keep all the balls in the air at once drains your physical energy and emotional stability. Because of increased appointment demand and widespread staff shortages, veterinary hospitals are experiencing unprecedented schedule-related burdens—resulting in staff burnout, client frustration, and reduced pet health. Fortunately, our DVM6 concept team offers a solution—learn how our virtual relief services can support you and your team.

DVM6—your virtual relief veterinarian solution

DVM6 is a virtual relief veterinary service that acts as an adjunct to your practice. Combining the advantages of a traditional locum or relief veterinarian with telemedicine’s flexibility, DVM6 can manage appointment overflow remotely for consultations that do not require hands-on treatment such as follow-up care, chronic condition management, postoperative rechecks, and in-depth conversations covering topics such as patient nutrition and weight loss, behavior modification, and quality of life.

When your veterinary practice partners with DVM6, clients appreciate being able to schedule appointments sooner—and at times that are more convenient—while your hospital’s team devotes more time to hands-on care and in-person client service.

DVM6—advantages for veterinary practice managers

When your appointment book is overflowing, and you and your team feel overwhelmed, DVM6 has your back. Learn how our services positively impact practice management:

  • Support where you need it — Follow-up care and chronic case management can consume 25% to 30% of a first-opinion veterinarian’s day. DVM6 frees veterinarians’ and veterinary technicians’ time, because they no longer have to attend appointments and consultations that often entail in-depth conversations. When our DVM6 team accepts responsibility for these appointments, your team is available for urgent or hands-on care, skilled nursing, and advanced veterinary procedures. 
  • Reduced scheduling stress — Delayed appointment scheduling and abbreviated visits can damage client trust and satisfaction, driving them to seek veterinary health care elsewhere. But the alternative—double and triple booking—can compromise your service quality, and lead to staff burnout and turnover. However, with the assistance of DVM6, you can open up more appointments for in-person veterinary care while providing enhanced and flexible scheduling options for virtual care—including after-hour appointments. Clients are pleased to receive prompt and compassionate care—virtually in real time—while staff enjoy a more manageable patient load.
  • Enhanced client loyalty and relationshipsStrong client relationships are essential to your patients’ health and your practice’s success. DVM6 protects and promotes your veterinarian-client-patient relationships (VCPRs) by operating under the umbrella of your practice, and delivering the empathic and experienced care your clients expect. Through practice integration management software (PIMS), each DVM6 team member familiarizes themself with each pet by having access to their chart before the virtual appointment. This ability helps DVM6 team members quickly establish client trust while providing informed and individualized care. Clients appreciate virtual appointments’ one-on-one care, flexibility, and reduced stress while receiving the same peace of mind and guidance of an in-person visit.
  • Seamless integration means no communication gaps — Appointment requests, scheduling, medical record review, and reporting take place online—eliminating information request delays or missing reports. After each appointment, our DVM6 team enters each pet’s SOAP directly in the electronic medical record, so that referring veterinarians remain informed and up-to-date about their patients’ DVM6 care. 
  • Improved clinic workflow Client education and in-depth conversations are vital to patient health, but these time-intensive appointments can create significant workday delays—and a chain reaction of frustration and stress. When your veterinary practice allows DVM6 to help with the caseload, veterinarians and technicians stay on schedule—focusing on higher-level care—while providing clients with the comprehensive communication, guidance, and support they expect and need. 

Improved workflow also means quicker exam room turnover, which increases the average number of patients your veterinary professionals see per day with no added stress resulting from double and triple booking.

  • Lead your team without burning them out DVM6 allows veterinary technicians and assistants to spend more time providing hands-on patient care and face-to-face client education. These activities enhance patient care and improve outcomes, but also increase team members’ job satisfaction, reducing employee turnover. Veterinary technicians and assistants often embrace learning opportunities, leading them to contribute positively to clinic growth, and expanding their role and value within the practice.
  • Increased revenue and better quality of life — Leveraging DVM6 technology and support lets your practice multiply its ability to care, managing more appointments per day while maintaining the highest care standard. Revenue from additional appointments and the framework to provide necessary follow-up care allows practice owners to scale the practice intelligently, leading to better compensation and benefits for current employees and a competitive hiring package to attract new talent.

Unlike a locum veterinarian who simply fills the gaps and provides your team with a temporary respite from the chaos, DVM6 introduces your practice to a better—less stressful—way to manage your schedule and provide high-quality veterinary care for a cost that’s competitive with traditional relief services. This is better medicine. This is the support you deserve.Are you ready to revitalize your veterinary hospital team? We  have your back. Contact DVM6 for more information, or to schedule a consultation.