It’s no secret..

The current state of veterinary medicine is not working.

You’re limited in your ability to deliver care by the number of appointments spots you have, and it seems you never have enough. If you lean on double and triple booking, you run your staff into burnout. Clients bristle at a several weeks wait to be seen (and heard).

Luckily, the remedy is straightforward.

Move those appointments that can be seen virtually off your in-clinic appointment book. Rechecks, including post-ops and chronic conditions, medication refills, dermatology issues, and more. Imagine being able to offer clients unhurried conversations about nutrition, behavior, or end-of-life issues. Sounds great, but you don’t have the staffing to support that service.

That is where DVM6 comes in. We have your back.

Our Model

Contract DVM6

Your hospital books time with DVM6 as your relief vet. Clients are happier to be able to see a vet much sooner, without the added headaches of transporting their pet. They can even schedule the video chat outside of your clinic operating hours if they wish. 

Fill Appointments

Your revenue is increased by providing many additional appointments virtually. Even better, this frees up time to see those patients that need your skilled care today, from acute urgent cases and anesthetic procedures to maintaining the safest timeline on puppy and kitten vaccines.

Whole Care

DVM6 delivers experienced, compassionate care as any qualified relief veterinarian might. Practicing under the umbrella of your VCPR, and with knowledge of each patient’s history through access to your PIMS, we provide adjunct service and access to care to improve your client’s bond with their pet AND your hospital. All at a cost that is competitive with what traditional relief veterinarians charge.

Use DVM6 to multiply your ability to provide care.

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